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Organisation: Stichting Uitwisseling
Country: Netherlands
General Information: Stichting Uitwisseling (SUSP) is a non-profit organisation. SUSP has more than 60 years of experience in organising practical training placements in the green industry. SUSP is an independent body of Clusius College,an innovative senior secondary vocational education centre educating students in all sectors of the Dutch green industry on several locations in the province Noord Holland. The Dutch agrocluster is strongly orientated on the international market and holds the third position on the world rating list after the USA and France. Dutch knowledge on modern production techniques, infrastructure, ways of processing, trade and logistics are on the highest level. Via the training program of SUSP the participants can get acquainted with, understand and learn about the Dutch system. The entrepreneurs SUSP works with are willing to share their knowledge with foreigner youngsters / students. The mission of SUSP is to provide participants from all over the world with a good quality program that offers educational, cultural and personal development.
Address: Drechterwaard 10 A 1824 EX ALKMAAR The Netherlands
Telephone: 31  72  5896144
Fax: 31  72  5147660


Name: Marlous Mens
Position: director
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Skype: uitwisseling1


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