Zhitomir Regional Farmers Association

Company Details
Organisation: Zhitomir Regional Farmers Association
Country: Ukraine
Website: Ukraine - Russia -
General Information: Basically we work for outbound. We send trainees on dairy, beef, piggery, poultry, greenhouse, landscaping, crops and other farms of European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
Address: UKRAINE - 12 Starovilska str. Apt 6, Zhitomir. RUSSIA - Kaliningrad backstreet Vozdushniy 7, fl. 8
Telephone: 380  67  3563648
Fax: 380  041  2424509


Name: Alexey Mykhaylov
Position: CEO of ZRFA
Skype: leonzt2


Skype: leonzt2


Category Program

Agriculture - Animals Aqua culture (Fish Farming)
Agriculture - Animals Beef
Agriculture - Animals Dairy
Agriculture - Animals Goats
Agriculture - Animals Pigs
Agriculture - Animals Poultry
Agriculture - Animals Rabbits
Agriculture - Animals Sheep
Agriculture - Field Crops Cereals and Grains
Agriculture - Other Agri- Education
Agriculture - Other Agri-home
Agriculture - Other Agri-Tourism
Agriculture - Other Beekeeping
Agriculture - Other Cheese Making
Agriculture - Other Forestry
Agriculture - Other Fur production
Agriculture - Other Mixed Farming
Agriculture - Other Natural Resource Management
Agriculture - Other Organic farming
Agriculture - Other Sustainable Agriculture
Agriculture - Other Agri-Business
Equine Breeding
Equine Competition
Equine Grooming
Equine Racing
Equine Western Equine
Horticulture Botanical Gardens
Horticulture Cut Flowers
Horticulture Fruit
Horticulture Parks and Gardens
Horticulture Plant Nursery
Horticulture Tropical Agriculture
Horticulture Turf Management
Horticulture Vegetables
Wine Industry Cellar
Wine Industry Winery Laboratory
Wine Industry Vineyard