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Organisation: Bibber International
Country: Australia
General Information: We are an Australian family business based in Adelaide City, one of the most liveable places in Australia. We have more than a decade of experience in the winery exchange program, giving wine workers the chance to learn about the Australian wine industry and also sending Australian winemakers overseas. We also work with the domestic Pork Farm industry, providing qualified and experienced international staff to the piggeries in Australia. We help young and enthusiastic people (under 31) from all over the world to have a working adventure in Australia. For many years Bibber has been wine industry focussed but we are opening our horizons and now we can help you with visas in any area where you have qualifications and/or experience, a placement and a desire to have a career in your field of study. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you! However you need to have good English language skills and be ready for the best experience of your life!
Address: PO Box 146 Glenelg SA 5045
Telephone: 61  8  83740077
Fax: 61  8  83743300


Name: Sue
Position: CEO


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Twitter: @BibberCrew
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Agriculture - Animals Pigs
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