Company Details
Organisation: WAX-SA
Country: South Africa
General Information: WAXSA offers an outbound program - operating from South Africa in cooperation with various overseas organizations, which are all involved in international agricultural exchange. The objective of the Worldwide Agri Exchange South Africa (WAXSA) training programme is primarily to offer young people from South Africa the opportunity to gain more experience in a specific agricultural category and also to become acquainted with another culture and way of life in overseas countries. This in turn leads to personal growth and at the same time, offers the opportunity to build useful contacts abroad. The length of this programme varies from 3 to 12 months and can in certain circumstances by extended up to 18 months. We offer placements with most agricultural operations, including amongst other, corps, harvesting, beef, sheep, poultry, horses, fruit, vegetables, landscaping, forestry, cut flowers, oenology, dairy and pigs. Transferral between different farming operations is possible.
Address: 23 Nettleton Street, Brandwag,Bloemfontien, South Africa
Telephone: 27  51  4446200
Fax: 27  86  551544655


Name: Riana Erasmus
Position: Director
Skype: riana.erasmus2


Facebook: WAXSA - Worldwide Agri Exchange South Africa


Category Program

Agriculture - Animals Beef
Agriculture - Animals Dairy
Agriculture - Animals Pigs
Agriculture - Animals Poultry
Agriculture - Animals Sheep
Agriculture - Field Crops Cereals and Grains
Agriculture - Other Agri-Business
Agriculture - Other Beekeeping
Agriculture - Other Mixed Farming
Agriculture - Other Organic farming
Equine Breeding
Equine Competition
Equine Grooming
Equine Racing
Equine Western Equine
Horticulture Plant Nursery
Horticulture Turf Management
Horticulture Vegetables
Horticulture Cut Flowers
Horticulture Fruit
Wine Industry Cellar
Wine Industry Winery Laboratory
Wine Industry Vineyard